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Whether you’re getting your manuscript ready to submit to an agent or you’re thinking of self-publishing, I’d love to help! Together we can work to make your manuscript sparkle.

As a former literary agent, I offer developmental editing for full or partial manuscripts within fantasy, science fiction, romance, and young adult genres, and can help with your submission materials in any fiction genre.

Throughout the editing and copyediting cycles my manuscript underwent, Lindsay was consistently prompt and specific with her suggestions. Her past experience in the publishing world undoubtedly lends a sense of sharpness to her editing vision—what emerged from our collaboration was a more polished, tight, and market-ready book.”
— James Wolanyk, SCRIBES, Rebel Base Books/Kensington, 2018
Working with Lindsay has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my professional life. ...she is an insightful, empathetic reader, and can crawl inside a manuscript and make suggestions and comments that invariably make the work better.
— Mary Cecilia Jackson, SPARROW, Tor Teen/ Macmillan, 2020
[Lindsay’s] ability to balance encouragement with constructive and insightful feedback not only helped to strengthen my story, but also pushed me to grow as a writer. Her dedication, careful attention to detail, and patience made her invaluable to my story’s shining completion, and I would highly recommend her expertise to anyone looking for an exceptional editor.”
— Ashley Shuttleworth, A DARK AND HOLLOW STAR, Simon Pulse/S&S, 2021


Developmental Edits


Editorial Letter


Editorial Letter + Line Edit

Along with an editorial letter, I will write in-line notes within Word’s track changes. These may include smaller scale issues that come up as I read such as scene inconsistencies, sentence structure or flow of language, repeated words, awkward dialogue, and the great things like spots that make me laugh out loud. Knowing how your reader reacts as they read can be a huge help! Note that a line edit is not a copy edit - I will not correct spelling or grammar mistakes.

Rates: $0.017 - $0.022 per word

The editorial letter is a 3 - 7 page, single-spaced letter detailing the strengths and areas that can be improved in your manuscript before you dive into revisions. I will look at character development and arcs, plot, pacing, voice, craft issues, tension, world-building - the big picture aspects of your manuscript.

Rates: $0.007 - $0.010 per word


Submission Materials


Query or Synopsis Critique


Submission Package

Your query is the first impression an agent will have of your manuscript so you want to make it shine. And the dreaded synopsis can often be harder to write than the book! I will give you in-line notes as well as feedback on how to tighten your query or synopsis, reduce word count, how to increase tension, how to make your story stand out, and remove aspects that aren’t working. This will include a second pass within two months of the original critique.

Query rates: $50

Synopsis rates: $75

This package includes a query and synopsis critique as well as an edit of the first 10 pages (double-spaced, 12 pt font - standard manuscript format) of your manuscript - everything you’ll need to be ready to query! I will provide in-line comments on your first pages and additional notes. This will include a second pass within two months of the original critique.

Rates: $150


Custom Services


Small Scale Projects or Coaching

Maybe you’re not ready for a full developmental edit, but you’d still like to get another set of eyes on your work. I can help provide feedback on your chapters as you write, give advice on an outline, help you polish your query letter and tune it while submitting, or work with you through rounds of revisions. I’m happy to work around what you need.

Rates: variable

(My hourly rate is $50/hour, but custom rates depending on project are more common)




Lindsay Mealing is a former literary agent turned freelance editor. She began her career in publishing as an intern to Mandy Hubbard at D4EO Literary Agency. In 2015, when Mandy created Emerald City Literary Agency, Lindsay moved into the position of Mandy’s assistant and began looking for her own projects and writers to champion. In January 2016, Lindsay took on her first client as a junior agent and in November 2016 she made her first sale to a big five publisher. While at ECLA, Lindsay also acted as audio rights manager, securing ECLA’s first audio sale in March 2017.

Lindsay works primarily within the science fiction, fantasy, romance, and young adult genres. She is a self-proclaimed nerd, gamer and a long time fantasy fan (she even has Phedre’s marque from KUSHIEL’S DART tattooed on her back). As a mother of three little monsters, wife of a fantasy author, and full-time student, she still finds room to write nerdy YA in her free time.



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